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Multifunctional Luminescent Platforms for Dual-sensing

Thermometry at the Nanoscale: Techniques and Selected Applications Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, pp 493-507

Enhancing the sensitivity of poly(methyl methacrylate) based optical fiber Bragg grating temperature sensors

Polymer optical fiber grating as water activity sensor

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Project Kick-Off meeting

Location: Roche-La-Molière (FRANCE) | Duration: 2 days

On the 12-13th September 2012, participants from all Europe gathered in Roche-La-Molière (FRANCE) to officially launch the SAFUEL project.

The delegates, representing all SAFUEL partners, were first welcomed by the host and Coordinator, ZODIAC Intertechnique. The EC Project Officer, Mrs Christiane Bruynooghe, gave an overview of the FP7 programme, principles and rules, before wishing the consortium good luck and the best achievements. After these introductory remarks, time was given to each work package to introduce its objectives, planned work and expected results. The theoretical sessions were interrupted for a much-appreciated visit to one of the ZODIAC Intertechnique laboratories, to study a fuel tank test bench.

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