Multifunctional Luminescent Platforms for Dual-sensing

Thermometry at the Nanoscale: Techniques and Selected Applications Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, pp 493-507

Enhancing the sensitivity of poly(methyl methacrylate) based optical fiber Bragg grating temperature sensors

Polymer optical fiber grating as water activity sensor

The next generation of Aircraft Fuel Systems: a Step Ahead

Bristol, United Kingdom, 3rd February 2016

The FP7 Project SAFUEL (The Safer Fuel System) succesfully organised its second public forum to share and discuss project results and achievements in the domain of innovative solutions for aircraft fuel systems.

The event took place at the Bristol Zoo (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 3rd February 2016. Speakers from both industry and academia presented the results of research performed by the SAFUEL partners over the last three and a half years. Topics included fuel system icing and water detection and innovative gauging technologies and inerting systems.


The proceedings will be made available for download to all attendees, via a link sent by email following the meeting. They will also be made available for non-attendees, by request using the contact form on the website.


Preliminary Programme

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