Multifunctional Luminescent Platforms for Dual-sensing

Thermometry at the Nanoscale: Techniques and Selected Applications Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, pp 493-507

Enhancing the sensitivity of poly(methyl methacrylate) based optical fiber Bragg grating temperature sensors

Polymer optical fiber grating as water activity sensor


 SAFUEL partners

The SAFUEL consortium is comprised of 13 participants representing 7 countries within Europe:Aston lab

  • 2 Industrial Organisations (ZODIAC, AI-UK)
  • 3 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): NEDAERO (NL), TMQ (FR) and ARTTIC (FR)
  • 2 Research Centres: CNR-IREA (IT) and NLR (NL)
  • 6 Universities: ASTON (UK), CRAN-U (UK), IST (PT), TUHH (DE), ULILLE (FR), and UNIPARTH (IT).

The Research centres and universities provide their expertise in advanced fuel technologies, numerical studies and simulation whilst the key aeronautical industrial participants provide the aeronautical applications inputs, evaluations for the project and ensure that research work remains aligned with current industrial design and manufacturing constraints. The SMEs are enrolled for their innovative capacities and their lean structures that will make the consortium more dynamic.

University of Naples Parthenope

University of Naples Parthenope

Further Information :

Organizational Activities

The Department of Applied Sciences, University of Naples "Parthenope", operates in the following research areas: Math and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geodetic, Topographic and Geomatics, Science and Technology of marine and air navigation.

Role in the Project

Key Personnel

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